FAQ 4 Pet Sitters

How much does it cost to be a pet sitter?

Being a pet sitter and offering your services on the Pawshake website is free, and Pawshake pet sitters can set all their own rates. Only when you get a reservation will you be liable for a 19% contribution to Pawshake, which is automatically removed from your final payment. This contribution allows us to effectively and efficiently manage the community as well as to provide you with online payments, marketing and customer support.


Can I choose the pet that I host?

Of course. You are totally free to decide which animal you'll take responsibility for. It can be for example only cats, or small dogs. You haggle every single sitting with the pet owner before reservation and you have the right to refuse the order.


I want to pet sit, but I am not in the position to host. What should I do?

No problem. Not all the services require own place to host. In this case, your profile will indicate that you offer pet-sitting services without lodging.


Can I accept money directly from Guests?

All payments must be made via the Klepeto platform. By using our site you agree that all transactions with any Guests will be booked through Klepeto. Failure to go through Klepeto may result in immediate termination from the site. You can also read more in our Terms & Conditions.


What happens if the Guest cancels a reservation?

The life brings various situation, so it can happen, that the pet owner cancels the reservation. In that sittuatuin we follow cancellation policy.
If the reservation is cancelled more than 3 days before the sitting, the petsitter accepts it without any payments. If the reservation is cancelled less than 3 days before the sittng, pet sitter will recieve 50 percent of the agreed price.


How does the payment process work?

The payment process on Klepeto is fully automated. After reservation is sent, the money are drawn from pet owner account. This money are reserved untill the end of sitting.
Once the booking has ended, Klepeto will transfer the amount due for the booking minus Klepeto's contribution (20%) to the Pet Sitters payment account.


Which information should I ask from pet owner?

For this purpose use our form, where are all the information you need.