FAQ 4 Pet Owners

I've never left my pet with a pet sitter before. Is Klepeto for me?

Absolutely. Klepeto is a community of friendly, local animal lovers who welcome others' animals with great pleasure. Your pet will be much happier than in a kennel or cattery. Take a look at the pet sitter profiles on our site – all verified and regularly checked by our team - and let us know what you think.

Can I really trust a pet sitter?

We’d like to think so! Klepeto is a platform built on mutual trust that puts pet owners and pet sitters in contact. In the interest of everyone’s wellbeing, we do verify the contact details of pet sitters in various ways before they appear on the site, and remove any profiles that we think don’t quite meet the high bar we’ve set for Klepeto pet sitters.
We always recommend meeting a pet sitter in real life before making a booking, so you can ensure they’re right for your situation. Then, after the stay, pet owners can leave an evaluation of their experience that is shared on the pet sitter’s profile page.

I'm hoping to meet the pet sitter family before placing my pet with that family. Is that possible?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we encourage a meeting beforehand between the pet sitter and the pet. You can request this by clicking on "Contact Me" on a pet sitter’s profile and sending an introductory message.

Is it possible to find a pet sitter for a single night?

Of course. The site has the advantage of having a large offering of pet sitters and the details of every booking are organised only between you and your chosen sitter.

Does my pet need anything during its stay with the pet sitter family?

As it is not advisable to modify a pet’s diet, we suggest owners provide the pet sitter with the animal’s food for the duration of stay. We also suggest that the owner provide the pet sitter with the animal’s favourite toys and accessories so there’s minimal disruption to the animal’s routine.

When messaging your pet sitter through Klepeto, agree on which items to bring. Here are some suggestions:

Food and snacks
A leash
Toys (including spares)
Bowls for eating and drinking
Bed, crate, basket or blankets
If needed, old clothes with the owner's smell for reassurance.

To make your life easier, we have prepared a list of details that you can give to the pet sitter or pet sitter family. Ensure you link to the document here. This list includes instructions concerning food, your pet’s favourite items, your vet's name and address, and numbers of contacts in case of emergency.

Are there pet sitters on Klepeto that offer specialized care?

Yes. We request that Klepeto pet sitters describe the care they offer as thoroughly as possible. Some sitters do have a specialisation, and several are pet care professionals or have done vet training or volunteer work with animals. Look through the list of pet sitters in your region to see who is the best person to take care of your pet.

What happens if my pet gets sick or hurt in the care of the pet sitter?

Fortunately, cases of emergencies are very rare, but it's best to prepare for them. If there’s an emergency, the pet sitter must decide the best course of action: either to go to the nearest veterinarian or, if possible, go to the pet's own veterinarian. It’s always a good idea to write detailed emergency instructions on your details form, or even write up a separate emergency guide.

Is it possible to cancel your reservation?

If you cancel your reservation 3 days before the beginning of the reservation, you will recieve all money back. If you cancel your reservation less than 3 days before the begginning of the reservation, you will be fully charged.

What if I am unable to make the appointment as agreed?

Pet sitter families and pet sitters define their own cancellation policies. For more information, please check the pet sitter’s profile.

How does the payment process work?

Our payment system is secure, reliable, and convenient. We support several types of payment methods. The payment process on Kleleto is fully automated, so neither the pet sitter nor the pet owner need to worry about the payments.

The pet owner needs to send money to virtual account. When making a booking request the amount due for the booking is reserved. After the pet sitter has confirmed the booking, the pet owner will be charged for that amount by Klepeto from virtual account. The pet sitter will receive their payment (minus the 20% Klepeto contribution) within a week after the booking has ended.

If the pet sitter does not confirm your booking request or if they reject it, the reservation will be cancelled and the pet owner will not be charged.

Kleleto does not endorse cash payments. All transactions must be completed through the Kelepto platform. By completing your transactions on Klepeto, the security of your funds is ensured, you will be protected by our policies, and you’re helping to fund the Klepeto platform’s continuing development.

Do I pay the pet sitter directly?

All payments must be completed through the Kelepeto platform. The payment process on Klepeto is secure and fully automated for both Pet sitters and Pet owners, so neither the Pet sitter nor the Pet owner needs to worry about the payments. The Pet sitter will receive his payment within a week after the booking has ended.

A Pet sitter has declined my reservation, why has money been deducted from my payment account?

When the Pet owner makes a booking with a Pet sitter, money is not drawn from the Pet owner's payment account until the Pet sitter confirms the reservation. Instead the amount due for the booking is ‘’reserved’’. Essentially the money never leaves the Pet owner payment account, it only appears as a pending charge on the Pet owner's payment account.

When a Pet sitter declines a reservation request, the reserved amount due for the booking will be cancelled and the Pet owner will not be charged.

Note, if your booking request is not accepted within 5 working days, then the funds are automatically released in your virtual account.

What does a Home Visit include?

Here are some services you should expect from the pet sitter for a home visit. As always, make sure you have a clear agreement.
Fresh Water/Food for pets
Playtime and Cuddles - TLC Time
Administering Medication (optional)
Daily Written Report/Dairy - Notes and Checklist
Text Message and Daily Photo Update to Client (via the Klepeto app)
Bring in the Mail/Newspapers/Advertising Material
Alternate the Lights and Curtains
Water Indoor/Outdoor Pot Plants
Pooper disposal/Litter Box
Recycling/Garbage Disposal
Security Check on premises